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Application Engineer State Engine/Business Process

Yes/No. Black/White. Or a maybe? You are experienced in State Engines and have an excellent understanding of Business Processes. If you have good knowledge in Hyperledger Fabric, non-SQL Databases (eg. DynamoDB from AWS), then you could be the one to develop our state engine layer to/from Odoo, other applications and the Hyperfabric Ledger. Sounds like a challenge? Yes, that's why we need a smart cookie like you!
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Odoo Wizard

Odoo is your virtual life? Great! Then Odoo customisation, configuration and integration is already boring for you, and Phyton, C#, .Net, Cloud (AWS and/or Azure), SQL query are part of your personal skillset? Just imagine you integrate it with Blockchain applications like Hyperfabric Ledger and create smart new solutions for our global customers. Interested?
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Blockchain Data Engineer (Hyperfabric Ledger) Cloud Solutions

Data is the new oil. Hmmmhm. Not sure you get your hands dirty when you dig out our Data Solutions in state-of-the-art Hyperfabric Ledger integrations to achieve top security to deliver what we do: Trust. You have good experience in Hyperfabric Ledger applications and Phyton, C#, .Net, Cloud (AWS and/or Azure), SQL query are part of your personal skillset. Interested?

Become a Cargodian?

Cargodians are a team of enthusiastic, energetic professionals with great team spirit. Our dream is to be enabling Global Trade, Everyday, Everywhere by creating Cargodian: Trust, Made in Germany.